Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Once upon a time Japan was the epitomy of the evil enemy empire. They attacked us hard and we hit them back even harder. Over the years they have become our friends and we theirs.We have enjoyed a rapprochement.We work together like loyal partners.

Now, when we see the ravages of destruction there we feel very badly, completely forgetting that they caused us some and we did the same to them in a back at you way.
What's wrong with the picture is that countries and people can go from like to hate to like again.Some can even return to hate.

The implication is clear. As countries and as people we need to find ways to avoid the hate. It is such a waste of time, energy and emotion. As Rodney King, an African American man said, after having made headlines when he was beaten by LA police,"Why can't we just all get along?"

It is still a very relevant question.

Gd bless the people of Japan. They did not deserve this disaster. They already paid their dues. As countries or as people we never ever seem to pay them enough to be spared.

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