Thursday, March 3, 2011


Here is another incongruous situation. Going on a diet and then having more social events, dinners out and parties than you can count.It happens to me every time.

I suggest before you go on a diet to get rid of all friends and social commitments and just sit in your house and eat cottage cheese. You will easily lose 20+ pounds in a month. Then resume your normal social life and gain it back in two and a half weeks.

There is no easy answer, especially for those of us whose metabolism stopped working when we stopped smoking or just when we got older than 24.

Have to go now to the gym where I wont talk to a soul and won't accept any invitations for dinner. That's easy as no one talks to me at the gym because they are all plugged into their Ipods. I worry that listening to music causes us to gain weight. Or maybe it is going to the gym although there are a few svelte people there. I dislike them intensely and I know you do too.

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  1. You sound frustrated with the gym and dinner about switchng to stetching, yoga, free weights in the comfort of your amazing and stimulating home?

    About dinner..I have lost twenty pounds eating what we all know by now, is good for us and avoiding what is not. I have to shake my head when I see friends and guests eat the wrong foods just because they are the "Chef Specials" on a menu. There are Always more than enough items on the
    menu, some "side/ or ala carte" options that are delighful..look there first.
    The best idea is to ask Ronnie how she maintains her feminine, strong and toned physique... that would work for me.

    Ms. Write On