Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Yesterday, I spoke about planting a seed and seeing if it grew into a beanstalk of some kind. What is the fertilizer, I wondered today, for us people. Obviously, it is not manure. We have plenty of that bs, but it doesn't get us very far.

I believe that form of fertilizer is composed of part hope, part dreams and part love and passion. A little bit of sunshine helps. Think of the gurus who conceived Google, facebook, ebay or Amazon. They planted a seed, fertilized it with the above as well as some seed money and grew it into giant beanstalks of useful contribution and lucrative rewards for all.

So did Edison, Einstein (the bagel guy) and all those who took a risk, planted a seed and made major progress.

But you don't have to be in their league. Your seed can be about whatever personal beanstalk you would like to grow. it can be a small beanstalk, but a proud one, none-the-less.

Take a chance and reach out for something special. Who knows, you may just achieve it. If not, at least you tried. Growing a beanstalk is not easy. Trying is, well, special, in its own right.It fills your pride bank, which is a good pay day, any

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