Monday, March 14, 2011


Though I try very hard to stay in positive space with my blogs,I can not write one today without it being about Japan. Once, again, mother nature, despite all the beauty she provides us,has shown that she can also be both a bitch and a terrorist of grand proportion. She did it again with an epic disaster. The cost to human life and the safety of those who survived is incalculable.It will take weeks to sort it out and years to build it out.Worse by far,if the nuclear plants go ballistic.

For Haiti,Mimi Gegg,our Director of the Tranquility Center and all things peaceful, organized a drive that enabled us to send pounds of 50+ cartons of clothing, blankets, etc. there. What can we possibly do for Japan? Pray!

Toward that end we went to Morakami Gardens on Saturday. It is located in the northern part of Boca Raton. I have previously written about this beautiful, peaceful, spiritual Japanese garden.

It is a well kept secret of paradise found. If you haven't been there I strongly encourage you to go.If you have enjoyed this treat before, plan to go again soon. In that quiet and beautiful space that mother nature has given us when she was kind send some positive energies and wishes in Japan's direction. At this point they need that even more than blankets or clothing.

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PS If you are so inclined you can donate money for the relief efforts to, or

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  1. It is beyond belief, prayers will help.