Tuesday, March 8, 2011


So, I will simply say, "Have a good day in all respects.Appreciate all that you have, no matter what you don't have. Pretty intelligent,if you ask me! Then again, I am biased.

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  1. You beleive in the power of laughter if I am not mistaken..I think your funny: why don't we launch a segment on laughter including things to laugh about and things to laugh at (jokes, situations, etc).... on a more intellectual level (don't like that word).. laughter as an intervention in therapy is amazing, and you are incredibly effective with laughter, humor and lightining the load. Your faithful followers agree.. now my oldest child who visits with you says, "I saw Penzer today"; my response "how was it" her response "he's funny"..so now that; the warm, uplifting power of your humor, is what she takes with her too.

    I can't figure out what is funny, in terms of writing it, when I do write it, people say things like "I don't quite understand what you are saying here", or "Are you trying to say blah blah blah". I am willing to explore this further, if anyone has any ideas for resources or thier own humor, pass it on.

    Now soliciting funny stuff...please make a contribution!

    Clerk Extraordinare