Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I received many comments from yesterday's blog-except from my wife who is not talking to me.Not really. She is a good sport.

Here is what I received in the form of text messages:

Lindsay L. said, "Can I take my I phone and the app to jail?"I responded, "I doubt you will need it,but check with the warden."

The Situation said, "It all depends on the situation." For him this was a very intelligent and insightful comment.

Donald T said, "Can I have the email address of the guy who is working on the app. I'd like him on "The Apprentice" so I can get the app before anyone else." Hard for me to imagine why he needs it!

Tiger W said......You don't want to know what he said! Something about a hole in one with a strong set of premium balls and a putz (or maybe he said a putter?).I didn't understand it either.

Charlie S said, "Catch up with you in April, Bill, when I am flying to Florida for a show at Bank Atlantic Center. I am coming on a high flying helium balloon in my skives." Sounds like he already got the app!

Britney S said, "Can I have Tiger's email address?" I sent her the next guys!

Justin B said, "How old do you have to be to use the app?" I responded, "Ask your Mom."

Simon C said, "Penzer,no offense, but you are a first class dunce! Is there really an app. Might be worth a reality TV show? We could call it 'How App Propo.' We could have sex app builders compete. Paula could be the judge." I responded that Ryan could then say, "Here comes the judge!" Doubt if he liked that either. He is so hard to please, that guy!

Bill C said, "Please send the app to my wife." I won't even go there.

Elliot S said, "How much is the app? I can only afford $2000 per pop these days." Ditto.

Howard S said, "I'm serious, you have a sirius radio show here." I responded, "Oh, come on now."

Sara P said, "We don't allow apps in Alaska. Oh, sorry I forgot I'm not the Governor anymore. Hard to keep track.However, i do believe in freedom of speech. Only mine, however, and the rest of the Teaparty. And keep that dirty app away from my daughter you perv. She has enough trouble with her loose image as it is. Truth is she is a virgin." I responded, "I assume u are talking about your younger daughter?" Haven't heard back yet.

More texts to come. Oops, sorry.

Bye for Now,


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