Monday, March 21, 2011


Wherever I go and I mean anywhere and everywhere, I observe people staring intently at their phones with the same fervor that people of my day looked longingly at their lovers. Then their fingers passionately begin to press those tiny, but seductive little keys, moving more and more quickly along, searching periodically for the G spot- as in OMG!

I think the majority are having an affair with their Blackberry's, Androids and of course the sensual beauty of them all, their sexy I phones.We seem to be biting into the Apple again,just as Adam and Eve did so long ago. The Garden of Eden is now wified and if you are not careful, you too will be outed by a snake in the grass or an errant text or email.

Years ago,in the 50's, Marshall McCluen proposed that "The medium is the message." Now I think it is that "The medium is the massage." As I have previously written it is the ying and yang of technology.

Somewhere, someone is working intently on a sex app.I just hope it is geared to the partners we love and not to the machines toward which we feel similarly. If it is the latter, it would give, "I'm getting off right now," a whole new and messy meaning. Machine warranties would have to be totally rewritten.Such is the nature of progress in our brave new world. "Come and get with the program," would be the advertising slogan! I can already picture the branding.

Bye For Now,


PS My wife is going to kill me for this one! I kid, I kid. Is there an app for defending yourself yet? If so, please text me.

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