Thursday, March 31, 2011


I shall give you a chance to catch up on all the blogs you missed and take a break till next week.

I am working 25/8 to finish my book, "How To Cope Better When Someone You Love Has Cancer." It will make a difference. Of that I am certain.

Bye For Now,


Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Yesterday, I spoke about planting a seed and seeing if it grew into a beanstalk of some kind. What is the fertilizer, I wondered today, for us people. Obviously, it is not manure. We have plenty of that bs, but it doesn't get us very far.

I believe that form of fertilizer is composed of part hope, part dreams and part love and passion. A little bit of sunshine helps. Think of the gurus who conceived Google, facebook, ebay or Amazon. They planted a seed, fertilized it with the above as well as some seed money and grew it into giant beanstalks of useful contribution and lucrative rewards for all.

So did Edison, Einstein (the bagel guy) and all those who took a risk, planted a seed and made major progress.

But you don't have to be in their league. Your seed can be about whatever personal beanstalk you would like to grow. it can be a small beanstalk, but a proud one, none-the-less.

Take a chance and reach out for something special. Who knows, you may just achieve it. If not, at least you tried. Growing a beanstalk is not easy. Trying is, well, special, in its own right.It fills your pride bank, which is a good pay day, any

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I am a great believer in planting seeds and seeing what grows. I don't mean that about gardens-I mean that about our human growth. Yours and mine and others.

We people have the potential to grow into giant beanstalks of lovely happenings or to shrink into brown weeds that fail to ever grow again.

Be a beanstalk, not a weed. Plant some seeds today and water them frequently. You just never know what might grow tall- perhaps you, perhaps a relationship or perhaps your creation in some form or other! Think about your beanstalk reaching for the moon. In life, you just never know until you try.

Bye For Now,


Monday, March 28, 2011


I like this one:

Courage does not always roar like a lion.Sometimes it is a quiet voice at the end of the day that says, "I will try again tomorrow."
Peter Sheridan

And here is another worth considering:

Opportunities always look bigger going in than coming out.
John Joseph

Friday, March 25, 2011


If you think the results of American Idol were a true and honest outcome, then you believe in Hulk and the WWE and all other works of not so fine art.

If that is your feeling, you are entitled to a free visit to my office OR if you deposit $10,000 US in a numbered account, 78463728281, I will share $22 million being held in a Swiss account by his highness, Matzi von Colderberg the IV of Transylvania.

There is hardly ever reality, in reality TV. Of that I am pretty certain.That is why they call it television.

Bye For Now,


Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Most people want to be delivered from temptation but would like it to keep in touch.
Robert Orben (smart phones can probably arrange that).

There is a time to say nothing, and there is a time to say something but there is not a time to say everything.
Hugo of Fleury (bet he wrote that before texts and emails!).

Bye For Now,


Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I received many comments from yesterday's blog-except from my wife who is not talking to me.Not really. She is a good sport.

Here is what I received in the form of text messages:

Lindsay L. said, "Can I take my I phone and the app to jail?"I responded, "I doubt you will need it,but check with the warden."

The Situation said, "It all depends on the situation." For him this was a very intelligent and insightful comment.

Donald T said, "Can I have the email address of the guy who is working on the app. I'd like him on "The Apprentice" so I can get the app before anyone else." Hard for me to imagine why he needs it!

Tiger W said......You don't want to know what he said! Something about a hole in one with a strong set of premium balls and a putz (or maybe he said a putter?).I didn't understand it either.

Charlie S said, "Catch up with you in April, Bill, when I am flying to Florida for a show at Bank Atlantic Center. I am coming on a high flying helium balloon in my skives." Sounds like he already got the app!

Britney S said, "Can I have Tiger's email address?" I sent her the next guys!

Justin B said, "How old do you have to be to use the app?" I responded, "Ask your Mom."

Simon C said, "Penzer,no offense, but you are a first class dunce! Is there really an app. Might be worth a reality TV show? We could call it 'How App Propo.' We could have sex app builders compete. Paula could be the judge." I responded that Ryan could then say, "Here comes the judge!" Doubt if he liked that either. He is so hard to please, that guy!

Bill C said, "Please send the app to my wife." I won't even go there.

Elliot S said, "How much is the app? I can only afford $2000 per pop these days." Ditto.

Howard S said, "I'm serious, you have a sirius radio show here." I responded, "Oh, come on now."

Sara P said, "We don't allow apps in Alaska. Oh, sorry I forgot I'm not the Governor anymore. Hard to keep track.However, i do believe in freedom of speech. Only mine, however, and the rest of the Teaparty. And keep that dirty app away from my daughter you perv. She has enough trouble with her loose image as it is. Truth is she is a virgin." I responded, "I assume u are talking about your younger daughter?" Haven't heard back yet.

More texts to come. Oops, sorry.

Bye for Now,


Monday, March 21, 2011


Wherever I go and I mean anywhere and everywhere, I observe people staring intently at their phones with the same fervor that people of my day looked longingly at their lovers. Then their fingers passionately begin to press those tiny, but seductive little keys, moving more and more quickly along, searching periodically for the G spot- as in OMG!

I think the majority are having an affair with their Blackberry's, Androids and of course the sensual beauty of them all, their sexy I phones.We seem to be biting into the Apple again,just as Adam and Eve did so long ago. The Garden of Eden is now wified and if you are not careful, you too will be outed by a snake in the grass or an errant text or email.

Years ago,in the 50's, Marshall McCluen proposed that "The medium is the message." Now I think it is that "The medium is the massage." As I have previously written it is the ying and yang of technology.

Somewhere, someone is working intently on a sex app.I just hope it is geared to the partners we love and not to the machines toward which we feel similarly. If it is the latter, it would give, "I'm getting off right now," a whole new and messy meaning. Machine warranties would have to be totally rewritten.Such is the nature of progress in our brave new world. "Come and get with the program," would be the advertising slogan! I can already picture the branding.

Bye For Now,


PS My wife is going to kill me for this one! I kid, I kid. Is there an app for defending yourself yet? If so, please text me.

Friday, March 18, 2011


Gray skies are just clouds passing over.
Good Stuff Magazine

It is helpful, though not always easy, to see things this way. Try to see the troubles in your life as temporary and passing on by. The winds will determine the speed by which they disappear. Maybe we should all move to Chicago. Na, much too cold there! Let's stay here in paradise and just let them pass when they do.

Bye For Now,


Thursday, March 17, 2011


I thought this was cute.

Opera is when a guy gets stabbed in the back and instead of bleeding, he sings.

Ed Gardner

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I made the comment the other day to my family that I can't figure out if the trust we place in other drivers as we move along the highways and byways of our journeys is appropriate or misplaced.I told my 16 year old grandson that driving is all about trust, just a few weeks ago.

I assume all those around me are able drivers,have healthy minds and bodies, are clean and sober and are not using distracting portable communication devices.In their attention and control of their steering wheels, I place my trust and my life and those of my loved ones. You do too!

So, let's all pledge to uphold that trust in every way we can.Together, we can make the roads a safer place and that trust we all put in each other more assured.Alone and not aligned, we are at serious risk.

Let's all just agree to be a little safer.

Bye For Now,


Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Once upon a time Japan was the epitomy of the evil enemy empire. They attacked us hard and we hit them back even harder. Over the years they have become our friends and we theirs.We have enjoyed a rapprochement.We work together like loyal partners.

Now, when we see the ravages of destruction there we feel very badly, completely forgetting that they caused us some and we did the same to them in a back at you way.
What's wrong with the picture is that countries and people can go from like to hate to like again.Some can even return to hate.

The implication is clear. As countries and as people we need to find ways to avoid the hate. It is such a waste of time, energy and emotion. As Rodney King, an African American man said, after having made headlines when he was beaten by LA police,"Why can't we just all get along?"

It is still a very relevant question.

Gd bless the people of Japan. They did not deserve this disaster. They already paid their dues. As countries or as people we never ever seem to pay them enough to be spared.

Bye For Now,


Monday, March 14, 2011


Though I try very hard to stay in positive space with my blogs,I can not write one today without it being about Japan. Once, again, mother nature, despite all the beauty she provides us,has shown that she can also be both a bitch and a terrorist of grand proportion. She did it again with an epic disaster. The cost to human life and the safety of those who survived is incalculable.It will take weeks to sort it out and years to build it out.Worse by far,if the nuclear plants go ballistic.

For Haiti,Mimi Gegg,our Director of the Tranquility Center and all things peaceful, organized a drive that enabled us to send pounds of 50+ cartons of clothing, blankets, etc. there. What can we possibly do for Japan? Pray!

Toward that end we went to Morakami Gardens on Saturday. It is located in the northern part of Boca Raton. I have previously written about this beautiful, peaceful, spiritual Japanese garden.

It is a well kept secret of paradise found. If you haven't been there I strongly encourage you to go.If you have enjoyed this treat before, plan to go again soon. In that quiet and beautiful space that mother nature has given us when she was kind send some positive energies and wishes in Japan's direction. At this point they need that even more than blankets or clothing.

Bye For Now,


PS If you are so inclined you can donate money for the relief efforts to, or

Friday, March 11, 2011


Hopefully, you have worked hard this week and accomplished something for others and yourself.

Hopefully, your weekend will be a calmer,more peaceful respite to reward you for that.

Come Sunday night, pat yourself on both shoulders and prepare to return to reality.

Robert Mondavi, among others, said, "If you love what you do for a living you will never work another day in your life. I have been fortunate to feel that way throughout my career and hope that you do too.

Bye For Now,


Thursday, March 10, 2011


In reading articles about the law firms that handled (or mishandled) foreclosures in Florida, you can learn a simple truth about life.

They went too fast, left out some important steps (like honesty)and made a fortune of money for a while. Then,like Jack and Jill, they all came tumbling down, just like South Florida pain clinics.Will someone please let me know why South Florida is always involved in just about every scandal and misbehavior in the universe. The good thing is that we do nice and kind things too. Unfortunately, they don't make headlines.

In any event, learn from others mistakes.Go slow. Do the right thing. Be honorable, kind and hard working.Make your word your deed on a handshake the old fashioned way. Like Google, do no evil and enjoy the pride bank deposit.

Bye for Now,


Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Changing one thing for the better is worth more than proving a thousand things are wrong.

Commitment unlocks the doors of imagination, allows vision, and gives us the "right stuff"to turn our dreams into reality.
James Womack

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


So, I will simply say, "Have a good day in all respects.Appreciate all that you have, no matter what you don't have. Pretty intelligent,if you ask me! Then again, I am biased.

Bye for Now,


Monday, March 7, 2011


Worth contemplating, too.

Many people feel "guilty" about things they shouldn't feel guilty about, in order to shut out feelings about guilt about things they should feel guilty about.

Sydney J. Harris

Bye for Now,


Friday, March 4, 2011


The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that,you've got it made.
Groucho Marx

Obviously, he never heard of a "pride bank". But he is correct. If you can fake it and not get caught you can make it. The problem is most get caught ( see this weeks blog about the school board, if you don't believe me).

Bye For Now,


Thursday, March 3, 2011


Here is another incongruous situation. Going on a diet and then having more social events, dinners out and parties than you can count.It happens to me every time.

I suggest before you go on a diet to get rid of all friends and social commitments and just sit in your house and eat cottage cheese. You will easily lose 20+ pounds in a month. Then resume your normal social life and gain it back in two and a half weeks.

There is no easy answer, especially for those of us whose metabolism stopped working when we stopped smoking or just when we got older than 24.

Have to go now to the gym where I wont talk to a soul and won't accept any invitations for dinner. That's easy as no one talks to me at the gym because they are all plugged into their Ipods. I worry that listening to music causes us to gain weight. Or maybe it is going to the gym although there are a few svelte people there. I dislike them intensely and I know you do too.

Bye For Now,


Wednesday, March 2, 2011


The hardest thing in life to learn is which bridge to cross and which to burn.
Laurence Peter

Don't know about you but I am still studying that and trying to grasp the difference. I don't call it Penzer's Follies for nothing!

Bye for Now,


Tuesday, March 1, 2011


So here is an incongruity of grand proportion. Remember it is when things just don't fit together well, if at all.

We have known for a while now that the Broward County School Board has appeared to be more interested in themselves than in their students.At least one member is already in jail. Hopefully, more to follow.

Then the grand jury issues a report that sounds like a poison pen letter. It says they are all naves and thieves.Get rid of them all as they are fill in the blank. And take the superintendent with them for allowing their gross negligence and malpractice.

And then nothing happens! They go on making major misjudgments and filling their pockets and acting inconsistently with why we elected them. And we just all look away because...? And now new boards will enact their own investigation because....? And no doubt they will be more cautious and quiet and not accept any more free boat rides, but will they be more honorable?

To me there is something wrong with this picture.As George Washington said, " Few men (and I will add women)have the virtue to withstand the highest bidder." I don't fully agree with him. Many men and women can do just that. But when it comes to politicians and our school out.

Bye For Now,