Monday, February 7, 2011


the fabled commercials on the super bowl divide into those that you just don't understand; those that seem much too violent; those that you don't know what the product being advertised is and those that just seem plain silly.

And you are really old when the winner is the e trade baby and the sneezing cat who didn't take a flu shot. At least I got that and LOL.

But I am not that old to know some companies wasted mucho dinero including the chip company who wants us to believe that people lick others hands and pants and that there is a bull dog that knocks down doors and a commercial I didn't think had much stroke, but because of my age can't remember which it was.Something about a girl with ear phones and perhaps a Motorola I pad. Lamer than lame!

The game was good, the commercials, eh and the star mangled banner a little sad.

Happy for the Pack!

Bye For Now,


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