Monday, February 28, 2011


Forget singularity (Wednesday and Thursday's blogs). I want to talk about incongruity--when two things don't exactly go together. I will use this title anytime I stumble across such an event or you share one with me.This blog could easily have been titled A WALK IN THE PARK or THE YIN AND YANG OF TECHNOLOGY. But I am sticking with the one I chose.

An example is that yesterday I walked in the park for two miles. Then I drove directly to the gym and searched for the closet parking spot to the front door.That's what I mean by this term. It doesn't make sense, really, to do that, but I always do.

While walking in the park I observed a teenage girl swinging high on a swing in the playground. She looked happy and peaceful frolicking in the sun and probably reliving an old pleasure from her youth.She was free. That is until her phone buzzed and the next thing I saw was her swinging, holding on with one hand and busily texting back. She looked a little silly to me as did the woman in the gym furiously texting between reps.

As I have said before we have a responsibility to ourselves not to allow the speed and accessibility of communications to interfere with our needs for fun and focus.That said I need to go and respond to a text.

Bye For Now,

PS Just kidding!

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