Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Which I guess is better than a congressman doing that on his lap top. ( see Monday's blog)

This term refers to many things. The most important and credible is that in the next 30 or so years machines will be more intelligent than the people who built them.

For those of you who watched "Watson" (named after the founder of IBM)kick the very wise guys butt on Jeopardy, you know the end or is it the beginning, is not that far away.When that day comes machines will build even more intelligent machines and us human beings will morph quickly into chopped liver if you are Jewish, lima beans if you are not and hummus if you are Muslim.I mean no offense to any human bean.

But wait just a minute here. They may get most of the answers on double jeopardy. They may even be able to multitask and think more than we. They just might even be able to remember what they had for breakfast or where they put their checkbook or the car keys. BUT, can they feel? NEVER!

My bet and beans are on the human kind.We ain't done just yet-even with bad grammar!Tell that to Alex who hasn't aged in forty years. Take that machines. You age the day after I buy you!!

More tomorrow.

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