Thursday, February 24, 2011


So there is another branch to this forward looking model built by brilliant, but a little strange people.One guy has a red beard that hits his knees.

In addition to having machines run the world they are also planning to eliminate or greatly prolong life and delay death. My Mom did that already by living to 100 years.

But these dudes reason aging is a disease which can be cured if we just put our minds to it. There is one guy who takes over 200 pills a day and believes he is 20 years younger than his chronological age. I saw his picture in Time magazine and he looks old enough to be my father at 62.Maybe 400 pills will do him better. For me a glass of wine or two does me just fine.

But these are rather brilliant people with a Singularity University and workshops and books and some rather interesting (aka ridiculous) ideas about the future.

May Gd bless them with the capacity to deliver what they predict because the forecasts of people who die early are soon forgotten and replaced with equally implausible seers.As for me I predict that it is likely tomorrow will be Friday. Beyond that I have no clue.

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