Tuesday, February 1, 2011


But not about my blogs. The test is being able to survive and overcome the speed bumps of life and come away, if not unscarred, at least unscathed.

The celebration of Mom's life went very well. She would have and perhaps was pleased and proud of herself and her family. She would have also been pleased that we enjoyed our time together reminiscing about her.

She left us a legacy that has far more value than a financial inheritance.Over 50 years ago she discovered that life was about balance and moderation, friendship, learning and love.

While most of us yoyo like a Duncan in one or more areas she maintained constancy. She lost weight in 1960 and never gained it back. She went to the gym at least twice a week till she was 98+.She continued learning, decided to read the classics before Oprah recommended them, was an active book club participant and had a joy and zest for living that was amazing....incredible!

Her magical magnetism attracted many to her and even those who didn't know her well saw her as special and unique.One of a kind, really. We could all steal a few moves from her playbook and she would be very,very happy if we did.

For a woman who outlived almost all of her peers she had a large turnout for her celebration of people who loved her dearly and who were there for her sincerely.

To learn more about Mom visit her memorial website at sadiethelady.me

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