Thursday, February 3, 2011


Last count there are 1722 singers Going To Hollywood to become an American Idol this season. As a result there is a shortage of gold paper all over the world.The winner will be the one whose family and friends jumped and squealed the loudest.Some of the family members may be material for Let's Make A Deal.

I predict that this is the last season, unless they decide to try and milk it one more time. I hear no buzz in the streets or alleys of my universe. I can't imagine the audience will be as vast as in the past. The tea party will probably load the vote just as they did on Dancing With The Stars, which is another show past its prime time. I think they are trying to recruit Sigmund Freud and Ronald Reagan along with Queen Elizabeth.

Both shows had a long and interesting run, but all good things come to.... If you don't believe me just ask Regis whose millionaire star shone brightly and then faded fast just as Howie's did. The fickle finger of fate has little patience for redundancy in our virtual world, especially when Simon Scowl has disappeared. Even Ryan seems a shadow of his former self, despised by all of us needing to lose the 10-15 pounds the rich twerp deserves to gain.

I was taught early in life not to worship idols so I will not be sad to see them pack up and go. Neither will they having made obscene money in the process all over the world, none of which seemed to be donated proportionately to Idol Gives Back.

The good thing is they gave stardom to many that never would have found it otherwise, some of whom didn't deserve it. Please don't tell Rubin S. I said that.He is so much bigger than me.

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