Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I had a revelation this cold morning in South Florida.

I had received feedback that I was looking at technology through outdated eyes. I assume they meant old fashioned and not old fogy!

So I began to think perhaps the wiki leaks, school test scandals and even the facebook communications of teens as well as the "cheater" outed by texts, cell phone bills or whatever may have a positive value.At the end of the day it causes everyone to be more accountable and think twice before they leap into glopful behavior (see previous blogs).Perhaps technology has become a supplement to our collective and individual consciences. Perhaps it is and will continue to strengthen what Freud called our super-egos--the part of our mental system which reigns in our animal based ids.

Here is what I thought. The Pentagon will be more cautious about what and how they communicate. So will business people and scammers. Parents will need to provide more oversight. People engaged in inappropriate situations will have to think twice before outing themselves via technology or taking the risk of detection.Profs will have to be a little more creative in their exams,instead of just copying out of a book. And no one will ever use a mimeograph again!

In sum, we will have to consider the "big bang"possibilities in an information gone wild era. Maybe, just maybe, the techno-revolution is the best thing that ever happened to civilization. Perhaps not! Time will tell.

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