Monday, December 6, 2010


For all of my moaning and groaning about the loopholes of our new technology, there is always a saving grace.

My uverse wireless router seemed down.Multiple functions were not happening.

I called their tech support number. I fought with their automatic voice guy and won. I won't tell you what I called him as he kept telling me to reboot my computer. "Done that!", I said among other things. I finally talked to Husaan in Canada.

He jumped on it quickly.He was able to Mac adjust the router remotely that had become unadjusted for reasons unknown. It all works now. It is all good now. This part is all amazing now. Every time I feel out of control in cyberspace something happens to help me to feel back in control.Awesome.

Now if we could only regulate that sucker!

Bye For Now,


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