Thursday, December 16, 2010


Since no one liked my barber pole blog,I am back at the techno stuff.

Last week I finally concluded that technology is becoming and will continue to be our conscience. That's not a bad thing at all.Our world needs a really SUPER super ego.

Even simple technology like video replays can help that cause. Tell that to the Jets conditioning coach, Sal. He stuck out his knee on the sidelines and tripped a Dolphin
who was already out of bounds. Sal was really way out of bounds and by his own admission, post replay, just not thinking.

Replay outed him. Suspended for the rest of the season without pay and fined 25K. Sigmund would be pleased.

As of Wednesday he was suspended indefinitely when it was learned he organized the line-up of those five guys. It was "premeditated" tripping. What in heavens name was he tripping on?

The moral of the story is watch your back and your legs. Big brother and sister technology are watching!

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  1. glad they caught sneeky Sal, what a dirty, not so funny, trick.