Thursday, December 9, 2010


Technology screwed up and didn't publish yesterday's blog till almost 8PM. No big deal in the scheme of things.All five of my loyal readers had to wait an extra 12 hours.Sorry.

Today I was thinking that the ease of communication, while overused and abused at times,is quite amazing. When I think of the good old days, they really weren't all that good in terms of so much delayed communications.

Think about the day my father died. My mother had to call the City College office. They had to trace what class I was in and send a message to the room with a monitor for me to come home. In today's world that would be handled by a text that read, "Bad day in the Bronx.Come home at once."

Take it one step further. The medical technology today would have prevented Dad's death. All he needed was an angioplasty which unfortunately was not yet invented. Same for my father-in-law who died at age 51.

Despite some glitches here and there we are quite fortunate to be living in these times.Feel grateful. Tweet everyone you know and post that on your facebook. Quickly, before wikileaks lets it out of the bag.

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  1. You have spent alot of energy on the Yin and Yang of technology. I have observed that within the past year, you've beome smitten by your I phone and computer upgrades as well as becomming a consumate video is working for you: maybe shaving some of the ways u communicate via these fine toys could be examined. From my little corner of the world, I like hearing your voice, it, in its self is calming and directive.
    Happy Holidays, stay under the radar.

    Ms. Write On