Friday, December 3, 2010


I truly believe that one of these days someone will find a way to establish rules and guidelines that govern cyberspace. If not, I believe that we will take matters into our own hands, fingers and keyboards and do our best to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

Someone needs to come up with an iprotectu app. Someone or many someones need to slow it all down to a more manageable level. At some point the risk reward level needs to be weighted toward the latter, rather than the former.

Realize that we have only just begun. The techno revolution will accelerate in the next decade beyond our wildest imagination.Brilliant minds are developing brilliant plans to suck us in. Now is the time to set the bar and capitalize on the good and minimize the not so good. If not, we will be downgraded to pawns in a world controlled and owned by technology. Fight really hard to never allow that to happen.

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  1. I agree with you Bill.
    On a Happier Note; our Help for Haiti project (clothing, blanket and hygiene supplies) is going great, we don't need technology to make this happen, just plain brut physical hands on work.

    Ms. Write On