Thursday, December 2, 2010


It is an interesting coincidence that just when I start talking about the dangerous side of technology that Wiki takes a big leak and lets the world take a big peak!

The scary part here is that the Pentagon is so easily and serially hackable. The Pentagon!!! I mean this is not your local bowling alley or deli. I betcha they don't even have Norton virus protection on their computers! Their password is probably nogatnep (pentagon backwards) for you non-dyslexic types.They probably still use that greasy PC kids stuff.

They actually hired a former hacker to help them get more secure. Isn't that like Bank of America hiring a bank robber to get the inside scoop. Surely there are high tech, high priced security firms out there that could help. Or do they only spend five hundred dollars on essentials like 3 inch nails, toilet seats and three ring binders (that they probably leave laying around) with government secrets. I'm quite sure they lock the toilet seats which is why they cost so much. Tight assed is not tight lipped!

All kidding aside this is pretty serious. If politicos and undercover CIA types can't keep secrets, how do the rest of us stand a chance? You better stop texting your secret boy or girlfriend,lest Wiki leak it to your beloved. 4warned is 4armed! Next time use a pay phone.They don't tell and they don't leak and they don't really exist anymore.

I'm going to stop now as I need to look over my shoulder. So do you!

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  1. That was so 1984, Big brother.

    Pay phone! huh!

    Hiring hackers to help security is a common practice for the government. The problem with hiring legitimate security firms is that they are, we hope, honest people, and have a different mindset from the hackers. They approach the problem of security differently.

    There was a show on TV (I don't know if it is still on) where you could hire this guy to break into your house to see how good your security system was. In most cases he could get in in under 2 minutes, despite security alarms. It was very enlightning to see how the criminal mind think.

  2. This should be on the editoral page of all news rags.

    Ms. Write On