Tuesday, December 7, 2010


So I picked up a newspaper in my car from November that I had not yet read. Seems there was a cheating scandal at UCF. There are websites which provide the questions and answers text book authors write to help Profs make their exams. These "question banks" are no different than the ones I used as a fellow in the early 60's to make tests for the Profs I was assisting. I made them on a mimeograph machine of all things.

So 200+ students got the questions for a midterm test in an aptly titled, Strategic Management" class. Everyone did so well they suspected a leak. So everyone got in trouble as well as the Prof whose was chided for using the question bank knowing they are sold on line.So he made up a new exam.............. I would have given them an A for their strategic management.

There is a definite need for regulation. I rest my case!

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  1. When we hang around long enough we can count on seeing senseless literature and the propoganda strategically woven into it. Let it Be, its' a bunch of nonsense. All we can do is protect ourselves from being sucked into it again, again ,and again.

    Ms. Write On