Wednesday, December 15, 2010


If you scroll back a couple of years I spent some blogs on Bernie, who made off with people's money. He also stole from charities. No obvious conscience in sight. Now he sits in jail for 150 years. No "get out of jail "card for him.

Now he has paid the ultimate price. His 46 year old son, Mark, hung himself on the second anniversary of his father's debacle. What a sad time for this family,Mark's younger brother and especially Bernie's grandchildren, who lost their dad.

My standard line is that cess makes a mess. So does greed and glopful behaviors. Why, I wonder, don't people understand that?

Bernie was brilliant. He could have made a more than good living the old fashioned way.What made him chose the fast lane to hell. I guess we will never know.Hopefully, we can learn from him to go in the other direction.

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  1. What lead him to the road to hell was greed. His son probably couldn't live with the thought that he was a biological part of something this deviant, and in my mind, simply evil. Yesterday was a cold day in hell for the megalomaniac Madoff. The lesson of this tragic suicide is that as parents and grandparents, we must always be conscious of our impact on family members. Very few people can go about a glopful lifestyle without paying the price, a big one. Bernie has double dues to pay; first to his son, and the other to innocent people who believed in him.
    He has plenty of time to think about it.

    Ms. Write On