Tuesday, November 30, 2010


As I said yesterday, much as I am grateful for technology I am also wary of it. One obvious glitch has to do with authenticity. It is as simple as not knowing for sure who the email is really from or its intent. It is as complicated as all of the ways, cyber-crooks have figured out how to steal our money.

It also involves photo shopping pictures and editing videos in ways that can trick us and deceive.

In addition, people can say things in an email that they would not utter in face to face communications.In that sense the communication is not authentic. These lead to ugly and wasteful e-fights that bite.

Not to mention that dating web sites are filled with distortions designed to impress. Both ages and waistlines somehow get reduced in that "disinformation" exchange. My son experienced one of those extreme "makeovers" years ago where the picture was either very old or someone elses. He drove his boat right on by the dock as it swayed beneath her weight!

And for all its helpful information double check Wikipedia as sometimes its facts are more creative than real.

As I said many years ago, "It is not paranoid to be paranoid these days!" And that was before the home computer age.

So, let's enjoy all the advantages that our techno-revolution provides while approaching it with a cautious eye of curious concern. The old adage still applies,"If it seems too good to be true it probably is!"

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P.S. How do you know Bill really wrote this? Well,because who else would be silly enough to be sitting at his Apple at noon on a Sunday? But you will never know for sure!!

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