Monday, November 29, 2010


There is nothing quite so amazing to me as being able to text my son to make sure he arrived safely on his four hour ride back home and have him respond while he is attending a hockey game. Remember, I am from the pay phone (anyone remember them?) era.

But much as I am grateful for these amazing advances I am wary of them.Nothing so powerful,in my opinion, should be without regulation, supervision and oversight.In fact, wherever deregulation has entered the scene, trouble has followed.Think banking here! I believe that was the point of the book, "Lord Of The Flies", which if you haven't read, is worth the time.

I believe this is particularly true with children and teens and am a firm believer that parents install spyware and do whatever else it takes to make sure that no harm is done. I also believe that the minimum age for social networks should be 18 as these seeming simple networks of communications can quickly become hurtful and even lethal. Rumor mongers and shit stirrers can and do cause much pain.

I am also concerned about authenticity. More on that tomorrow.

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