Monday, November 15, 2010


You just never know in life what can make the difference. A friend of mine, who is part of the excellent team at Sierra Tucson hospital in Arizona, gave me a spiral notebook that has the hospital's name and "celebrating 25 years" on the cover. I assume people don't really use that most of the time, especially with notepads right on cellphones.

However, I carry mine everywhere and use it to write down thoughts about the books I am writing that pop into my head out of nowhere. As I said in Thursdays blog, at this age/stage I must write it down or lose it forever.

It was just a small gift, but became so helpful to me. Do something little for someone today and assume it will become something large.

You can find a relevant article on that I wrote many years ago. It is called "Little Kindneses." They still work!

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  1. I find that writing things down has always helped, at any age. It is nice to think that you are appreciative of the notebook, being grateful for as much as we can is a pleasant mindset.

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