Thursday, November 18, 2010


I have been reading about the healing and therapeutic value of laughter. There is powerful anecdotal and scientific evidence to show that it works in all kinds of ways.

I have known this for many years, I always inject some laughs in my helping others.

I believe that if we laugh throughout our day we will be happier and more positive. Laugh at the silly things that happen or that you do. Laugh at the world, even during these challenging times. Laugh at Lucy or Archie B's reruns or any comedy of your choice.

Laughing vents and stimulates healthy brain chemicals, naturally. It is a salve for our bodies and our minds.

I wish I could think of something funny to say to make you laugh right now. Woody Allen once said, "....", well I can't remember, but I know he said something funny once or twice.Read my blogs about aging and you will understand why I can't remember. Wish they made Viagra to stretch and strengthen our memory.

Now, what was it I was talking about?

If you just smiled or laughed score one for you and me! LOL every day and you will find it to be an elixir,not of youth, but of life.

Bye For Now,


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  1. You always make us laugh.. you often say that we take ourselves too seriously, and I beleive we get caught up in that a lot. Laughing out loud, is therapeutic. The best day I have ever had, just this week as a matter of fact: was, laughing until I cried, I was laughing at myself. I made up a rap song to shake off some of the old bones of the past that seem to pop up now and then; I wish I could get it recorded.

    Ms. Write On..Right On!