Friday, November 12, 2010


I predicted that the rescued miners and the rescuers had their day of fame and would quickly disappear from our radar. Information seems to travel beyond the speed of sound these days and today's headline news is quickly gone. In the case of the miners it is not a big deal as they got many big deals for their ordeal.

But what about Haiti? They were hit again with torrential rains and the cholera is running out of control. It's New Orleans all over again and we can't even imply that the President is racist!

I don't think there is really much you and I can do, but perhaps donate some clothing or money if anyone is still collecting. World leaders need to take note of the disaster and send whatever is needed to help clean it up and rebuild the place ASAP.

There is too much suffering going on for it to be ignored. And there won't be book deals or endorsements for those who survive. I don't even think Disney will invite them. It is really a very sad scene. I am optimistically hoping the world responds.

Bye for Now,



  1. I am sorry and pray for Haiti, and I will start a clothing and anything else that is appropriate DRIVE
    which can be located in your Plantation office, I am happy to do it and will make it happen if you agree.

    On a much happier note...THANK YOU FOR MAKING MY DAUGHTER LAUGH!! She shared with me that you told her she has blossomed and come out of the deep, dark and sad hole she had been hiding in.
    Now, not too mention that she is drop dead gorgeous and would kick some serious ass, but can't you just see her in a miners hat? Adorable. Now if you would just lend her your magic cape, she might agree to run for President and help the universe!

    Wite On!!!!!

  2. This is Ms. Write On again, I forgot to mention that my daughter at 31 and a single parent to the most beautiful young man God put on the earth, earns three times the amount of money I ever have in my career of 38 years... including the ten year period I worked my fingers to the bone for the WORLD"S largest Toyota and Lexus distributor?
    Guess what? I would have much rather stayed home with my daughters, that would have been priceless!