Wednesday, November 17, 2010


It is interesting to observe that some people can regain their status after taking a major hit.

Think Bill Clinton, Rick Scott(Florida's new Governor) and now Michael Vick, the quarterback for Philadelphia. Not so long ago he was the SOB who was the dirty dog who did something dirty with dogs. He went to jail, did his time and is now a hero once again.The announcers on Monday night football are tripping over themselves praising his poise and performance.As I type they are talking about how he made up his mind to do it differently this time around.

In a certain sense, these are good stories. They show that people can be seduced toward glop, flop and bop back having learned from their experience. What more can we ask? That they and we get it right the first time around. So much easier. So much calmer. So much less costly.

Watch the glop so you can avoid it completely.

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  1. The high profile people illustrated in this blog didn't have it right the first time: We rarely get it right the first, second, or third time around. When we gain insight and revelation into who we are and what our purpose is on this earth, we STOP: stop the bs; stop self sabbotage; stop the chaos and damaging forces we invite into our life. Your work in STOP GLOP is a persitent effort in helping people eliminate the crap they/we accumulate as we grow and strive to do our best, hopefully.
    Stop Glop is a practice that requires serious attention; directing our energy toward healthy and happy opportunities and experiences, is the goal. Let's be kind and good to ourselves, and those we love.


    Ms. Write On