Wednesday, November 10, 2010


A few years ago I wrote an article called, "Vulture Culture," which I failed to edit and post on our web site. Hope to get that up soon.

There, I predicted that banks would charge an entrance fee for admission to a branch and airlines would charge for using the bathroom. Neither of these have come to pass just yet, but the charges keep coming.

Spirit Airlines charges extra for a seat(even though that is what you buy for your fare), carry on luggage and check in luggage. They also charge for water, other drinks and snacks. Their seats do not recline, but they will probably charge someday for that option.

I wonder if eventually we will be charged for a licensed pilot, less for an unlicensed one and even less for a robot. Prepare to pay for a pee!

The good news is that the airlines are finally making a profit. Better they should just raise fares and not nickel and dime us into annoyance.So far, Southwest has taken the high road. We appreciate that.

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