Friday, November 26, 2010


Be grateful for your home. It may be a mansion or a hovel. It may be a studio apartment that hardly gives you room to move about the cabin. It doesn't matter. It is your home. It is special. It smells nice even when it is not so neat.

Coming home is always a nice feeling. Even when you travel all over the world, getting home is nice and comforting. It is not a hotel or friends house. It is your space. Your territory. Your stuff. It is not living out of a suit case. It is living in a place to which we have become attached and which gives us comfort and a
sense of security.

Feel grateful that you have some place to call your own.

I hope you enjoy the holiday in your space. If not, I hope you come home to it real soon and feel grateful to be back.

Bye For Now,


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