Tuesday, October 19, 2010


On Friday I applauded the miners and their international rescue team. Today I scratch my head just a bit. They went from miner to major too quickly if you ask me. They went from being stuck under the rocks to rock stars too quickly as well. And what about their massive team without whose help they would not be on level ground today?

Obviously all types of companies from Disney to sunglasses to a variety in between want to capture the allure of their "BRAND". But these are simple people who weren't even allowed to catch their breathes and breath in real air before they were besieged with a swarm of greedy people trying to use and buy them.

Apparently they knew this was coming as they signed a pact to stand together as they had done down below. I am not upset with them as much as for them. They needed to rejoin their families, heal from their trauma and re balance themselves on level and solid ground. Instead the world threw them into even more turmoil and confusion. It was and will be as if the earth beneath their feed will crash down upon them once again. They are ill prepared for this new found fame and it would have been kinder if they gave them a ticker tape parade in their home town before they were sent into stardom.

On the other side of the story in today's fast paced world of information their rescue will be old news very soon. I hope all the vultures that came running down lose their ass!

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