Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Yesterday's blog was a bit of a rant. Every so often that is good for the soul and the mind. Feeling cleansed, I am back on track.

Friday I met an interesting man. He and his friend have developed an amazing website for recovering addicts called intherooms.com It offers much in the way of information, support and fellowship. It makes support a let your fingers do the walking experience.It is not intended to replace meetings, but as a supplement to them.

There are hundreds of thousands of members all over the world who have joined for free.Just think about this potential, especially in places where meetings are few and geographically far between. Imagine the power of world wide web support when that compulsive itch hits someone in recovery.

We all know there is much that is not right with the internet. But these guys have demonstrated that from an i seed can spring a giant beanstalk that gives so much to so many in need. In my book they get the Stop Glop award of the year. Check it out and let others know that in Ft.Lauderdale,some people get it right! As for those who don't let's hope they move away real soon.

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