Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Believe me when I say I wish only happy dreams for you always.

I couldn't help but react to the Miami Heat's loss last night. Yes, I understand it is only the start of a new season and a new team and they need to get their bearings. BUT. After all the hype and all the practice and all the dream team talk you would have thunk they could have done just a little better than a nightmare loss on opening night.

So what does that tell us mortals who don't get paid multi-millions? Imperfection is the norm. We are, despite our pimples, OK. Nothing is for sure. Enjoy your time, best as you can. Feel proud of you and don't ever let the heat fall on you. Be your best friend. Hopefully Bosh, Wade and James will become that as well.If not, who really cares?

Bye for Now,


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