Thursday, October 14, 2010


The other day they reported that scientists have discovered 30 new gene variations of obesity and fat. Duh! They didn't have to spend all that money researching 250,000 people. All they had to do was study me. All my life my fat genes made my jeans too tight. Either that or they shrink in the closet overnight, especially if one is a "shrink".

I have always been convinced that my genes came with fat cells attached. Others eat food and gain no weight that I only have to smell to gain the pounds they should have.

"The study also found that people who inherit many of the BMI-increasing DNA variants from their parents weigh more than those who inherit few of the variants". Duh again. That is like saying people who eat mostly fast food are more obese than those who eat salads without dressing!

I eat mostly the latter. So what is my problem. Duh, I guess the scientists would say it was my genes. Never thought of that.

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