Monday, October 11, 2010


I really try to practice my philosophy of realistic optimism. As the millions who follow this blog know, I try to encourage a positive point of view.

But every once in a while I need to SCREAM-- OMG!

We have a person running for the top state office whose history leaves much to be desired. We watch as school board members are serially outed in scandals where they accepted low ball bribes for high ball favors.

Now we have a 67 year old married Federal Judge who paid to have sex with a stripper and bought her drugs as well.Adds a whole new meaning to "Here comes the judge!"

Then we have the idiots who picket military funerals with really ugly signs because they believe Gd kills soldiers because America accepts homosexuals and abortion.

Free speech allows many things including me to blog. There are,however, limits. I hope the Supreme Court finds them to keep these warped folks from tormenting sad folks whose children gave their lives for our country.

As for politicians, sell your souls if you must, but get what they are worth. Ten thousand or so in today's world is not enough to put your reputation and your future on the line.

I like the motto-- Do No Harm! Let us practice that.

Bye For Now,


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