Thursday, October 7, 2010


The research mentioned yesterday polled more than 450,000 people. Asked them how they felt the day before and why.

Turns out that it wasn't low income that made people sadder. It was the byproducts of that in terms of stress, health problems and care, relationship conflicts and other associated issues.

In addition, as we would expect, self-esteem was influenced by the amount earned.The more people earn above 75k the more people believe that their life is working for them.Of interest is that more money doesn't seem to add to the happiness equation, but does add to feelings of enjoying a better life.

The authors explain this as people having enough expendable cash to enjoy their lives by doing fun things. All of this makes sense, BUT....

What if you have lots of money for fun, but a less than positive partnerly relationship compared to the opposite? Most would choose the better relationship and the less money model. What if you had lots of money. but lots of health related issues? Ditto.What if........? well you get my drift.

There is an old saying that goes, "Rich or poor it's good to have money." I would say, "It's nice to have wealth if you have your health, love and the ability to enjoy your life. Otherwise, better to have the other three.

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