Tuesday, September 21, 2010


The following is apropos of yesterday's blog as well as our self-control and self-discipline. Years ago, probably in the 80's, I was trying to help someone with anger management issues. We were not getting very far.

He came in on a Wednesday best as I remember and said, "Doc, we are done". I asked what had happened and he said he had an experience that cured him.

"How did that happen?", I asked. "Simple", he said. "I was going out of town on business. I was at Ft. Lauderdale airport. I was waiting for a parking spot. My left blinker was on as the lady was pulling out of the spot. Just as she left a pick up truck came around the corner and pulled right into "my" spot. I jumped out of my car. I rapped on the window. I was furious. He lowered it." I said, "What the f are you doing taking my spot." He raised a 357 Magnum at my forehead and said, "Do you really want to discuss this any further?" I ran back to my car in a flash.

"I am cured, Doc! You have my word".

Never saw him again.

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