Thursday, September 23, 2010


Saw the news about a school bus driver caught on camera texting on her phone while driving by a student's picture on her phone. Seems like the war of the phones! Busted is she, but not quite.

The board of schools has to vote on her 5 day suspension and their next meeting isn't till October so she just keeps driving kids around for a while.

And while we are at it 5500 people a year are killed by distracted drivers and 450,000 are injured by them. And our loyal legislators still won't pass a law against that which exists in 30 other States.

I believe I told you about the teen who was smoking with her left hand and texting with her right and steering with her elbow. Her car was drifting a little too close for comfort to mine as I headed North on University near Broward Blvd. I honked lightly. Somehow she managed to find a way to give me the finger given how busy her hands were.

I will work on being a little more disciplined in the future. Hopefully, she and you will too.

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  1. oprah has a campaign for NO TEXTING, I am following it. How dangerous and careless we can be.