Monday, September 27, 2010


I have been talking about self-discipline on many levels and in many situations. The simplest I can think of is talking kindly and lovingly to your loved ones. On the surface what could be easier. Beneath the surface it gets pretty murky.

It never ceases to amaze me that people who love each other can speak so harshly to one another. Yet, those very same people can talk so kindly to semi-irrelevant strangers.

Beyond always "hurting the one you love" there are clearer explanations. For one you can usually get away with it. For two, old emotional cess mixes with new stressors and usually exaggerates the mess. Then his cess and yours or your cess and his fight dirty in an F you, F you way or the equivalent. And it just escalates from there . Many such arguments resemble two children in the sandbox fighting over one pail.

People who love each other need to learn the language of love. Many need to review their marital contracts. Check out relationship renewal on our web site to see if we can help you refresh love potion 99...or 98..or 97...or...well you get the drift.

Bye (Love) For Now,


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