Wednesday, September 8, 2010


My mother lives at almost 100 years. That, in itself, is amazing, especially since my father died at 49. Mom lived double+ Dad.

For 98+ years she lived independently and well. The last year or so has been rough for her and she needs to take her rightful place in Heaven soon.

However, after Dad died in 1960 she went from obese to slim. She is one of the few people I know who never yoyoed.Her philosophy was simple and clear. Everything in moderation.She liked coffee and chocolate. So she would have a cup and a small piece each day. Otherwise she measured everything she ate and kept it all in reasonable proportions.

In addition, she went to the gym twice a week up till she was 98+. Her instructors loved her commitment and passion. She was inspired and inspiring.She loved the gym.

I think the message Mom is leaving for us to follow is just that. She would say, "Enjoy every day. Appreciate that you woke up. Allow yourselves treats, but in small, manageable doses.Watch out for overdoing. It only takes a small piece of chocolate or whatever to satisfy your craving. Anything more is overdoing."

Balanced living makes sense.Try to embrace it. Realize that if you don't you are embracing a plan that will bite you eventually. Watch what you bite!

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