Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I would love to have a conversation with the actress LL or the singer BS (sorry those are her initials as well as her creed!).

I simply want to say, "What the f are u thinkin?" What about life, discipline, responsibility, accountability do you not fully understand?

But it is I who understands addiction mixed with a sense of fame induced entitlement. Together they make a mess over and over. Both are very hard self-made prisons from which to escape. They are the ties that bind and bond with trouble. Just think of all the successful people who dedicated and lost their lives to drugs.Makes no rational sense, really.

They provide a wake up call to the rest of us less than successful and certainly not entitled people.The discipline they lack is the discipline we seek. Hopefully, we shall all find it soon.If not, the consequences are there for all of us.Those do not discriminate that much. At the very least so many have to live with their own guilt rather than their pride. Pride bank deposits trump shame and blame entries any and every day. Go for the former and avoid the latter and feel, well, happy, content and at peace!

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