Friday, September 24, 2010


As some of you know I am no longer a robot (see That said I watch football on Sundays. There is much talk about how much they are paid. Not sure what they are worth BUT...their discipline is amazing.

Most of them are fitness personified. They practice hard day after day and in Florida start in the hot summer. Many move with the grace of a ballerina and the speed of a jet. They amaze me in getting through tight situations where it doesn't seem they have a chance. Some of the best just keep on rolling past so many equally big guys.

They, among others, inspire me to keep in the zone. So far I am staying there and plan to continue till I can play with them. Now that's what I call fantasy football.

Bye For Now,


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  1. You are playing with them, just on your turf. Glad you are enjoying the "game"!