Friday, September 10, 2010


As we have all learned by now balance is not about a diet. It is about a discipline. The former works temporarily,maybe. The one we start on Monday can be derailed by Thursday or can go months and many lost pounds that ultimately come back plus.

Mother's balanced and disciplined philosophy lasted almost 50 years. It required sacrifices, but she never saw it that way. Small quantities of that which could make her large satisfied her. She never felt deprived best as I know.She felt in charge of her self and her body.

When you think about it from a perfectly logical, rational and self-protective position there is little to no value added to our lives from french fries, pizza, ice cream and the like. I once timed how long the delightful and delicious tastes linger in my mouth before I swallowed and then wallowed in the guilt.

Try that as an experiment. Here's a hint. It is painfully quick and not worth the calories and fat grams.Of that I am certain.

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