Thursday, September 30, 2010


Some discipline is demanding requiring much in the way of self-control (think eating/drinking/drugging habits here)and taking charge of hard to break habits.

Other disciplined habits are actually quite simple. Take for example listening to voice mail messages. Seems like a pretty simple and straightforward process. Yet I often encounter people who don't do that. Instead they call back and say, "I didn't listen to your message but I see you called me." I am always polite, but what I really want to say is,"I left you a message for a reason and if you listened to it you would know what I said." This, by the way, is especially annoying when my message concluded,"NO need to call me back."

In addition, there is a tendency for those non message listeners to be among the younger set-the very people who grew up in technoland--the very same people who text serially all day long. Could it be that texting is instantly gratifying and listening to a voice mail message is too much of a delayed gratification? Pushing call back is instant. Then again so is ice cream, french fries,vodka or pills.

Perhaps it is all the same after all and even what appear to be simpler areas of discipline aren't really.

In any event the next time I leave you a message and you are eating cheese fries or enjoying a couple of beers or digging into a gallon of ice cream please take the 9 seconds it takes to listen to my message before calling back.Thanks, No need to call me back!

Bye for Now,


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