Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Character is what you do when you think no one is

Character is how you treat people who can do absolutely nothing
for you.

Character is how you behave during the petty aggravations
of everyday life.

Character is how you react when the pressure is on.

Character is deciding beforehand that you're going to do the
right thing.

Found this in my favorite little monthly positive booklet -- Good Stuff.

The only thing I would add is that sometimes, maybe oftentimes, we are not born with character.Some have it early on, but it often takes time to develop. The child has none. The teen is a character, but typically doesn't have much of one. The young adult is searching for something, but I don't think it is character. The thirty something often thinks they have found it, whatever "it" is. By forty we are struggling with midlife,crisis, or otherwise. Hopefully by 50 we have developed a character as described above. Otherwise it is probably too late! Keep searching for it. Elusive as it is it is somewhere near!

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