Thursday, August 5, 2010

Saturday Night Fever

People seem to have a belief that Saturday night is a time to party and have fun. Tonight is Chelsea's wedding. Who cares? They are spending gobs of money to fete a small moment in time. Better to celebrate in a few years that the marriage made it, if in fact it does.I certainly hope she does better than her parents.I wonder how much they spent on their wedding and whether they feel it was worth the price?

Now, that I didn't get invited has nothing to do with my comments.I wouldn't have gone anyway. I'm not a party animal even on Saturday nights. I'd rather stay home and blog.

Bye For Now,


PS I hope I don't get a call from the secret service or the IRS!! OK guys I would have gone if they invited me, but my gift would have been a copy of my article, "Becoming Partners!" I hope they do at 3+million for the affair. They better or else all the guests get their gifts back.Perhaps they can get some sound advice from the Gores? OK slip the handcuffs on now thank you very much. Hope you had a good Saturday night.

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