Monday, August 9, 2010


I went to Best Buy to return something that didn't work. The young woman behind the customer service counter rather rudely told me, "It's more than 30 days. We don't take it back!" "Oh", I said, "so the fact that it doesn't work has nothing to do with it?" "That's right", she said, "our policy is 30 days." The B's bite there.Maybe should add one for Bitch!

The next day I went to Bed Bath and Beyond. I previously blogged about their interesting store. It is like a museum of modern useful stuff. I had to return a vacuum cleaner that destroyed all of our new carpeting. Google Shaw Carpet and Dyson to get the scoop. Get this. We had bought it in December of 09. I immediately asked to speak to a manager because of that and I was told, "We have a no hassle return policy. No problem".

Wow. What a difference a B makes. Maybe the "Best" is an overstatement in the first place?

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