Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I just realized that I have stopped watching or reading the daily news for about a
month now.

I did this once before and then and now find myself in a better mood, happier and less stressed. The way I describe the news is "The hurricane is coming...The Hurricane is Coming...THE HURRICANE IS COMING.... RIGHT AT YOUR HOUSE, BILL!!! oh it is not really coming it has blown out to sea...

Almost all news seems designed to excite, agitate and provoke negativity with an occasional sappy story thrown in for effect. It's not just about hurricane potentials, it seems to be about almost everything. How much of the sad details did we really need to know about the BP disaster or even Tiger's fall from grace?

Better to stay away from this toxic waste.

I do read Time Magazine each week just to stay aware, but they write in a much less histrionic fashion. People Magazine on the other hand..... I'd rather watch the news!

Bye For Now,


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  1. I agree with you about the negative impact of the daily news: did you notice, prior to not watching or listening anymore; how the women dress like they are going to a nite club at South Beach at 5:00 am to report the weather and traffic for the day? It reminds me of the Warden of the prison where I worked a while ago, holding a "re-call" meeting regarding the dress of civilian workers there. He said "please don't dress like you are going to a party, spiked heels and short skirts or skin tight pants and low neck tops distract and provoke our mission of inmate management here."

    Go figure...