Friday, August 13, 2010



Yesterday I said, "marriage is an unnatural act." For those who don't go back to read the original article ( A Realistic View of Marriage and Divorce)here's why I said that.

In just about every other zone of human experience variation seems to be an important factor. We wear different clothes, read different books, seek out different activities,go different places, etc. The human animal seems to crave variety. Even the inveterate golfer doesn't only play golf.

In marriage, there is minimal variation unless the couple builds that in through concerted effort. I am, by the way, not just referring to sex here. I am referring to patterns of communications, shared activities, domestic responsibilities,etc.Spicing things up, in and out of the bedroom is important to counter the monotony and boredom that can set in.

Years ago, in a previous life I was an organizational psychologist for IBM. One of the projects I worked on was called job enrichment. Its intent was to build in more varying aspects to a routine job so it didn't become repetitious and boring. I would encourage the same mindset in engaging in marriage enrichment. Take a look at your relationship and see what kind of variety you can build into it to add stimulation and excitement. Might be something fun to work on together.

Tomorrow, let's talk about taking each other for granted. That will grow weeds real fast in your garden of love.

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