Friday, August 20, 2010


In a new and upbeat marital guide,For Better, Tara Parker-Pope devotes a chapter to debunking the statistic that 50% of marriages end in divorce. She believes marital stats are improving each decade. About 23% of college grads who married in the 70's split within ten years. For those who wed in the 90's that stat drops to 16%.

But a Penn State Sociologist, Paul Amato, reports after a thorough review of divorce stats that the 50% figure appears to be accurate.

A consistent finding is that less-educated,lower income couples divorce more often than college grads.

All statistics aside at Relationship Rehab we feel that divorce is destructive to all parties concerned and that couples, especially those with young children, have a responsibility to put their energies into resolving problems,improving communications,reestablishing commitments and rebuilding their garden of love.

We have had enough positive experiences to believe that much more than 50% of couples in the "sunkenship" category(see yesterdays blog) can fill the holes in their garden and become whole again- thereby avoiding the divorce debacle!

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